Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 5 Eviction List

The anticipation and excitement surrounding reality TV shows like Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 5 continue to captivate viewers. As the competition heats up, evictions become an integral part of the game, leaving fans eagerly awaiting the weekly eviction list.

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 5 Eviction List

In this article, we will delve into the latest eviction list and explore the fate of the contestants, including Angeline, Gopika, Sreedevi, Maneesha, Omar, Anjuz, and Sruthi. Join us as we analyze the current situation and predict who might face the chopping block next.

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 5 Eviction List

Here is the much-awaited eviction list for Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 5:

  1. Angeline
  2. Gopika
  3. Sreedevi
  4. Maneesha
  5. Omar
  6. Anjuz
  7. Sruthi

Let’s dive deeper into each contestant’s journey and their chances of survival in the house.

Angeline: A Fan Favorite in Peril?

Angeline, one of the housemates, has garnered a significant fan following throughout her stint on the show. Her cheerful demeanor and ability to connect with the audience have made her a strong contender. However, recent events within the house have put her in a precarious position. With the competition intensifying, Angeline must tread carefully to secure her spot and avoid eviction.

Gopika: A Rising Star or a Fading Light?

Gopika entered the Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 5 house with high hopes and a charismatic personality. Initially, she managed to capture the attention of both the audience and her fellow contestants. However, as the weeks progressed, Gopika’s presence seemed to dwindle. To survive the upcoming eviction, Gopika must regain her momentum and showcase her true potential to sway the viewers in her favor.

Sreedevi: The Silent Strategist?

Sreedevi, known for her calm and composed nature, has played her cards smartly so far. While she may not always be in the spotlight, her strategic moves have helped her navigate through challenging situations. However, remaining under the radar can be a double-edged sword. Will her understated approach help her sail through yet another eviction, or will it be her downfall?

Maneesha: The Firebrand Housemate?

Maneesha’s fiery personality and straightforward attitude have made her a polarizing figure in the Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 5 house. While some viewers appreciate her honesty and straightforwardness, others find her confrontational style off-putting. Maneesha’s chances of survival hinge on striking the right balance between being assertive and avoiding unnecessary conflicts.

Omar: The Entertainer or the Ejected?

Omar, with his wit and humor, has been a constant source of entertainment within the Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 5 house. His ability to keep the atmosphere light and cheerful has endeared him to both his fellow contestants and the audience. However, relying solely on entertainment value may not be sufficient to secure his position in the show. Omar must demonstrate his versatility and contribute more than just laughter to avoid eviction.

Anjuz: The Underdog with a Fighting Spirit?

Anjuz, an underrated contestant, has displayed unwavering determination and resilience throughout the season. Despite facing multiple challenges, she has managed to stay afloat. Anjuz’s journey has struck a chord with many viewers, and her survival largely depends on their continued support. Can she defy the odds and emerge victorious in the upcoming eviction?

Sruthi: The Dark Horse?

Sruthi, with her enigmatic personality, has kept the audience guessing. Her ability to adapt to various situations has earned her praise from both the housemates and viewers. As the competition reaches a critical point, Sruthi’s true colors are expected to shine through. Will she emerge as a frontrunner or succumb to the pressure of eviction?


  1. When will the eviction take place?
    • The eviction usually takes place during the weekend episodes of Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 5.
  2. How are the evictions determined?
    • The evictions are determined through a combination of public voting and housemates’ nominations.
  3. Can the contestants save themselves from eviction?
    • Yes, the contestants can save themselves from eviction by garnering enough votes from the audience.
  4. Are there any surprise evictions?
    • Yes, Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 5 often introduces surprise evictions to keep the contestants on their toes.
  5. Who has the power to evict a contestant?
    • Ultimately, the power lies with the audience, whose votes decide the fate of the contestants.
  6. Is the eviction list subject to change?
    • Yes, the eviction list is subject to change based on the ongoing developments within the house.


As the competition intensifies in Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 5, the eviction list becomes a crucial element that shapes the destiny of the contestants. With Angeline, Gopika, Sreedevi, Maneesha, Omar, Anjuz, and Sruthi hanging in the balance, the upcoming eviction holds immense significance. Only time will tell who will manage to secure their spot and continue the battle for the ultimate title. Stay tuned to Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 5 to witness the drama, twists, and turns that lie ahead.

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