Dance+ Pro Contestants, Judges, Hosts and Telecast, See When and Where to Watch the Show

The much-awaited dance reality show, Dance+ Pro, is back with a bang, promising a whirlwind of jaw-dropping performances and unbeatable talent. As the excitement builds, fans are eager to know everything about the contestants, judges, hosts, and the telecast schedule. In this article, we’ll dive deep into the world of Dance+ Pro, introducing you to the key players and providing details on when and where you can catch the show.

Dance+ Pro Contestants, Judges, Hosts and Telecast, See When and Where to Watch the Show

Meet the Contestants

Dance+ Pro boasts a stellar lineup of talented contestants who are ready to set the stage on fire. Here are some of the standout performers you can expect to see:

Arjun Bisht

Arjun Bisht is a name synonymous with grace and precision. His dance moves are a visual treat, and he’s all set to steal hearts on Dance+ Pro.

BBoy Trickking

BBoy Trickking, with his incredible breakdance skills, is poised to amaze the audience with his mind-blowing moves. His energy on the stage is contagious.

Dibyarup (Slow Legs)

Dibyarup, also known as Slow Legs, is a unique dancer who defies the norm. His slow-motion style adds an intriguing dimension to his performances.

Brothers Bond Crew

The Brothers Bond Crew brings the essence of unity and synchronization to the stage. Their chemistry and coordination are bound to leave a lasting impression.

Power Of Unity

Power Of Unity is a dance group that radiates energy and passion. Their performances are a fusion of power-packed moves and creativity.

Meet the Judges

The panel of judges for Dance+ Pro consists of some of the biggest names in the industry. They bring their expertise and insights to the table, making the show an incredible learning experience for the contestants:

Remo D’Souza (Super Judge)

Remo D’Souza, the Super Judge, is a maestro in the world of dance. His feedback is invaluable, and his vision sets the standard for excellence.

Shakti Mohan (Captain)

Shakti Mohan, as one of the captains, adds a touch of grace and finesse to the show. Her mentorship is sure to inspire the contestants.

Punit Pathak (Captain)

Punit Pathak’s passion for dance is infectious. His constructive criticism helps contestants improve and excel in their performances.

Rahul Shetty (Captain)

Rahul Shetty, another captain, brings innovation and creativity to the forefront. His choreography is known for pushing boundaries.

Meet the Hosts

The hosts of Dance+ Pro play a crucial role in keeping the audience engaged and entertained. Let’s get to know the charming duo who will be your companions throughout the show:

Tushar Shetty

Tushar Shetty, with his charismatic presence and wit, is all set to keep the energy high and the spirits soaring.

Sushant Khatri

Sushant Khatri, the other half of the hosting duo, adds humor and relatability to the show. His rapport with the contestants is heartwarming.

Telecast Schedule

Mark your calendars because Dance+ Pro is set to hit your screens soon. The show is scheduled to start from 16th December 2023 on Star Plus Channel. You can catch the episodes every Saturday and Sunday at 6.00 PM. But here’s an exciting twist: for those who can’t wait, Dance+ Pro will be available for early viewing on the Disney+ Hotstar OTT streaming platform from 11th December 2023.

Dance Plus PRO 


As the countdown to Dance+ Pro begins, the anticipation is reaching a fever pitch. With an extraordinary lineup of contestants, a distinguished panel of judges, and charming hosts, this season promises to be a spectacular journey. Make sure to tune in on Star Plus Channel or catch it online on Disney+ Hotstar. Get ready for a dance extravaganza like no other!

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