Sabarimala Aravana Payasam and Appam Online Booking, See How to Book Aravana and Appam and Price Details Here

In this digital age, even religious traditions have embraced the convenience of online booking. Sabarimala, a renowned temple in India, is no exception. Devotees who wish to partake in the sacred offerings of Aravana Payasam and Appam can now do so with ease through online booking. In this article, we will guide you through the process of booking these offerings online, providing you with essential details on how to make your spiritual journey smoother. Check out the Sabarimala Aravana Payasam and Appam Online Booking details below.

Sabarimala Aravana Payasam and Appam Online Booking

The Significance of Aravana Payasam and Appam

Before delving into the online booking process, let’s understand the significance of Aravana Payasam and Appam. These offerings hold a special place in the hearts of Sabarimala devotees. Aravana Payasam is a sweet and delectable porridge-like dessert made from rice, jaggery, ghee, and other ingredients. It is believed to be Lord Ayyappa’s favorite food and is distributed as prasadam to devotees.

On the other hand, Appam is a soft and fluffy rice cake that is also offered to Lord Ayyappa. Both of these offerings are an integral part of the temple’s rituals and are eagerly awaited by pilgrims who visit Sabarimala.

The Convenience of Online Booking

Traditionally, devotees had to wait in long queues to obtain Aravana Payasam and Appam. However, with the introduction of online booking, this process has become much more convenient. Pilgrims can now pre-book their desired quantity of Aravana and Appam offerings through the virtual queue website www.sabarimalaonline.

How to Book Aravana and Appam Online

Booking Aravana and Appam online is a straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you navigate through it:

  • Visit the Sabarimala Online Booking Website

Start by visiting the official Sabarimala online booking website at

  • Select Your Offering

On the website’s homepage, you will find options to select your desired offerings. Choose either Aravana, Appam, or both, depending on your preferences.

  • Specify the Quantity

Enter the number of packets of Aravana and Appam you wish to purchase. This allows you to customize your order according to your needs.

  • Make the Payment

Once you’ve specified the quantity, proceed to make the payment for your chosen offerings. The website offers secure payment options to ensure a hassle-free transaction.

  • Receive Your Barcode

After successful payment, a unique barcode will be generated. This barcode is crucial for collecting your offerings.

  • Collect Your Prasadam

To obtain your Aravana and Appam prasadam, visit the Sabarimala temple and head to the sixth counter. Present either a digital copy of the barcode on your phone or a printed copy to the counter staff. They will then provide you with the sacred offerings.

Sabarimala Aravana and Appam Price

  • Aravana – 80 Rupees
  • Appam – 40


Thanks to the digital age and the Sabarimala online booking system, devotees can now participate in the revered tradition of receiving Aravana Payasam and Appam with ease. No more long queues and waiting times; the process is now streamlined and efficient. So, if you’re planning a visit to Sabarimala, make sure to take advantage of this hassle-free online booking system and savor the divine flavors of Aravana and Appam.

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