Srimad Ramayan 2024 Starting Date, Cast and Telecast Details

Television has long been a medium to connect with stories that touch our hearts, and mythological shows have a unique way of doing just that. In the realm of upcoming television series, “Srimad Ramayan” is causing a stir of anticipation.

Srimad Ramayan 2024 Starting Date, Cast and Telecast Details

This article will be your guide to the commencement of this enthralling show in 2024, providing insights into its starting date, cast, and telecast details. So, let’s embark on a journey through the mystical world of “Srimad Ramayan.”

Srimad Ramayan Starting Date

The wait will soon be over, as “Srimad Ramayan” is slated to begin its enchanting journey on 1st January 2024. This auspicious start to the new year promises to bring joy and spiritual fulfillment to the audience.

Meet the Cast

  • Sujay Reu as Lord Ram
  • Prachi Bansal as Sita
  • Basant Bhatt as Lakshman
  • Nikitin Dheer as Ravan
  • Aarav Choudhary as Dashrath
  • Aishwarya Raj Bhakuni as Goddess Parvati
  • Tarun Khanna as Lord Shiva
  • Sujay Reu as Lord Vishnu
  • Aanandee Tripathi as Kaushalya
  • Shilpa Saklani as Kaikeyi
  • Bhawna Anejaa s Sumitra
  • Neetu Pandey as Kaikasi
  • Manish Khanna as Rishi Jabali
  • Surendra Pal as Maharishi Vasishth
  • Geeta Khanna as Manthara
  • Kunal Bakshi as Vibhishan
  • Mohammed Saud as Shravan Kumar

Srimad Ramayan Telecast Details

Prepare for an epic journey into the timeless saga of Srimad Ramayan as it graces the screens of Sony Entertainment Television. From Monday to Friday, at the prime slot of 9:00 PM, viewers can immerse themselves in the legendary tale of Lord Rama. With its rich storytelling and profound moral lessons, this serial promises to be a nightly source of inspiration and entertainment. Make sure to tune in and join the divine adventure, every weekday at 9:00 PM, exclusively on Sony Entertainment Television.

Exclusive Telecast on Sony Entertainment Television

When it comes to the channel, “Srimad Ramayan” will find its home on Sony Entertainment Television. This channel has a rich history of delivering quality content, and this mythological saga promises to be no exception.

The Anticipation Builds

The excitement surrounding “Srimad Ramayan” has been steadily growing ever since the release of its captivating promo video. Viewers from all walks of life are eagerly awaiting the commencement of this much-anticipated mythological series.

The Essence of Srimad Ramayan

“Srimad Ramayan” is a timeless epic that has been cherished by generations. It narrates the divine story of Lord Rama, his adventures, and his unwavering devotion to righteousness. The show is bound to mesmerize viewers with its portrayal of the epic’s core values.


“Srimad Ramayan” is not just a television show; it’s a spiritual voyage that promises to leave an indelible mark on your heart and mind. Stay tuned for updates on the cast, telecast schedule, and more as we approach the grand premiere on 1st January 2024.

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