Super Jodi Grand Finale Winner, Also See the First and Second Runner-ups Here

The popular Zee Tamil game show, Super Jodi, reached its grand finale, concluding an exciting season filled with talent, entertainment, and competitive spirit. On the 4th of June 2023, at 6.00 PM, Zee Tamil Channel aired the highly anticipated grand finale episode, revealing the ultimate winners and runner-ups of the show.

Super Jodi Grand Finale

Announcement of the Winners and Runner-ups

The grand finale of Super Jodi showcased the incredible performances of the remaining contestants, highlighting their skills and captivating the audience. After a fierce competition, the title of winners was awarded to Selvakumar and Chinnaponnu. Their exceptional chemistry, creativity, and dedication throughout the season earned them this prestigious recognition. The audience celebrated their victory with enthusiasm, applauding their talents and hard work.

Securing the first runners-up position were Rajkumar and Shamili Sukumar. Their consistent performances and ability to connect with the audience made them a strong contender throughout the show. The judges and the viewers appreciated their passion and unique style of presentation.

Vishwa Sam and Nakshatra secured the second runners-up position in the grand finale. Their remarkable performances and impressive stage presence left a lasting impact on the audience and judges alike. Their journey in Super Jodi was filled with memorable moments, showcasing their versatility and talent.

Recap of the Season and the 10 Jodis

Super Jodi season featured a total of 10 jodis, each bringing their own charm, talent, and distinct style to the competition. Let’s take a moment to recap the couples who participated in this thrilling season:

  1. KPY Naveen & Krishnakumari
  2. Selvakumar & Chinnaponnu (Title Winners)
  3. Kenny & Shanmathi
  4. Vikram & Dhivyaa
  5. VJ Mal Maruga & Shwetha Bandekar
  6. Amardeep & Tejaswini
  7. Vishwa Sam & Nakshatra (Second Runners-up)
  8. Ramesh & Saroja Devi
  9. Rajkumar & Shamili Sukumar (First Runners-up)
  10. Sathiyamoorthy & Sowmiya

These jodis brought their unique talents, chemistry, and personalities to the stage, captivating the viewers and keeping the competition intense throughout the season. Their commitment to delivering exceptional performances added to the excitement and entertainment value of Super Jodi.

Insights into the Grand Finale Episode

The grand finale episode of Super Jodi was an extraordinary spectacle, filled with awe-inspiring performances, stunning choreography, and remarkable talent. Each jodi showcased their skills and creativity, leaving the judges and the audience in awe. The atmosphere was electric, as the remaining contestants poured their hearts into their final performances.

The judges, Sangeetha and Baba Bhaskar, had the challenging task of evaluating the performances and providing feedback to the contestants. Their expertise and experience brought valuable insights and guidance to the jodis, elevating their performances to new heights.

Celebrating the Winners and Their Journey

Selvakumar and Chinnaponnu, the title winners of Super Jodi, mesmerized the viewers throughout the season with their exceptional chemistry and flawless performances. Their journey was a testament to their hard work, dedication, and passion for their craft. With their captivating performances, they showcased the true essence of the Super Jodi competition, leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

Selvakumar, with his charming personality and impeccable dance moves, and Chinnaponnu, with her grace and versatility, formed a winning combination that captured the hearts of the viewers. Their victory symbolizes the triumph of talent, perseverance, and the power of teamwork.

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Recognition of the Runner-ups and Their Efforts

Rajkumar and Shamili Sukumar, the first runners-up of Super Jodi, showcased their exceptional dancing skills and stage presence throughout the competition. Their performances were consistently impressive, demonstrating their commitment to excellence. The couple’s ability to connect with the audience and deliver powerful performances made them a strong contender in the grand finale.

Vishwa Sam and Nakshatra, the second runners-up, left an indelible mark with their extraordinary performances. Their impeccable synchronization, energy, and versatility were evident in each routine. Their journey in Super Jodi was a testament to their talent and dedication, earning them a well-deserved place in the top three.

Appreciation for the Judges

Super Jodi owes a great deal of its success to the esteemed judges, Sangeetha and Baba Bhaskar. Sangeetha’s keen eye for detail and her ability to recognize exceptional talent, combined with Baba Bhaskar’s expertise in choreography and performance, made them the perfect judges for the show. Their valuable feedback and guidance inspired the jodis to push their boundaries and deliver outstanding performances.

The judges’ constructive criticism and genuine appreciation for the contestants contributed significantly to the overall success of Super Jodi. Their expertise and passion for dance served as an inspiration for both the participants and the audience.


The grand finale of Super Jodi marked the culmination of an incredible season filled with talent, passion, and entertainment. Selvakumar and Chinnaponnu emerged as the title winners, while Rajkumar and Shamili Sukumar and Vishwa Sam and Nakshatra secured the first and second runners-up positions, respectively. The journey of these talented jodis, along with the other participants, captivated the audience and left a lasting impression.

As the curtains close on this season of Super Jodi, fans eagerly await the next installment, anticipating another round of mesmerizing performances and exceptional talent. The show continues to celebrate the spirit of dance and provides a platform for aspiring dancers to shine.

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