Winner of Sur Nava Dhyas Nava 2023 Season 6 Grand Finale

The time has come for the grand finale of the popular Colors Marathi singing reality show, Sur Nava Dhyas Nava Season 6. After various rounds of intense competition, a total of six exceptionally talented contestants have emerged as the finalists. Check out the Winner of Sur Nava Dhyas Nava 2023 Season 6 Grand Finale below.

Winner of Sur Nava Dhyas Nava 2023 Season 6

Sur Nava Dhyas Nava 2023 Season 6 Winners

Winner of Sur Nava Dhyas Nava 2023 Season 6Gopal Gawande
First Runner-upAnthara Kulkarni
Second Runner-upAnimesh Takur

As the finale date approaches, fans and music enthusiasts are buzzing with excitement. Social media is abuzz with speculations about who will emerge as the winner of this prestigious competition. The winners was officially announced at the grand finale.

Finalists of Sur Nava Dhyas Nava 2023 Season 6

Each finalist of Sur Nava Dhyas Nava Season 6 has a unique musical journey that has brought them to this grand stage. From diverse backgrounds and styles, they have all showcased exceptional talent and dedication throughout the competition. Their journey has been a rollercoaster of emotions, hard work, and unforgettable performances.

On the grand finale night, these talented contestants will give it their all to win the hearts of both the judges and the audience. It will be a night filled with soul-stirring melodies, heartwarming stories, and nail-biting moments. The finalists will perform their best songs, leaving no stone unturned to leave a lasting impression. Check out the six finalists below.

  • Animesh Takur

Animesh Takur, with his melodious voice and unique style, has won the hearts of many throughout the competition. His ability to convey emotions through his songs has made him a standout performer. Will he emerge as the winner?

  • Mrunmayi Bhide

Mrunmayi Bhide’s soulful voice and heartfelt renditions have touched the souls of the audience. Her ability to connect with the lyrics and deliver powerful performances has made her a strong contender in this season.

  • Adhish Telak

Adhish Telak’s versatility has been his biggest strength. From classical to contemporary, he has aced every genre with finesse. His adaptability and stage presence make him a top contender for the title.

  • Anushka Shikthode

Anushka Shikthode, the young and dynamic singer, has consistently impressed the judges and viewers with her charisma and vocal prowess. Her journey from auditions to the grand finale is an inspiring one.

  • Anthara Kulkarni

Anthara Kulkarni, often referred to as the powerhouse of talent, has consistently delivered power-packed performances. Her command over difficult melodies and high notes has left everyone in awe.

  • Gopal Gawande

Gopal Gawande’s charming persona and smooth vocals have earned him a special place in the hearts of many. His ability to captivate the audience with his stage presence is remarkable.

Sur Nava Dhyas Nava 2023 Season 6 Grand Finale Date and Time

The excitement is building up as the grand finale of Sur Nava Dhyas Nava 2023 Season 6 is just around the corner. Mark your calendars for 31st December 2024 at 7:00 PM because that’s when the grand finale will be telecast on Colors Marathi Channel. It’s going to be a night filled with mesmerizing performances and emotional moments.


The grand finale of Sur Nava Dhyas Nava 2023 Season 6 promises to be a night filled with music, emotions, and unforgettable moments. As we eagerly await the final showdown, let’s celebrate the incredible journey of these six finalists who have already achieved so much. May the best voice win. The audience can follow the Colors Marathi official social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. to get the latest updates on the show.

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