Zee Telugu Kutumbam Awards 2023 Nominations, Voting, Telecast Date, Time and Channel

The Zee Telugu Kutumbam Awards 2023 is an eagerly awaited event in the world of Telugu television. This prestigious award ceremony pays homage to the exceptional talents, performances, and productions on the Zee Telugu Channel. With nominations already announced, viewers are gearing up to cast their votes for their favorite actors, actresses, and shows.

Zee Telugu Kutumbam Awards 2023

The much-anticipated Zee Telugu Kutumbam Awards 2023 has already created a buzz in the world of Telugu television. With the nominations unveiled, viewers are eagerly gearing up to participate in the voting process, making their voices heard as they support their favorite actors, actresses, and shows. While the exact telecast date and time are yet to be announced, the event will undoubtedly grace the screens of Zee Telugu, bringing the glitz and glamour of the awards ceremony to living rooms across the region. Check out the Zee Telugu Kutumbam Awards 2023 Nominations, Voting, Telecast Date, Time and Channel.

The Grand Celebration of Telugu Television

The Zee Telugu Kutumbam Awards stand as a testament to the dedication and brilliance of individuals and shows that have graced our screens. It’s a platform where talent gets its due recognition, and viewers get the opportunity to voice their opinions through voting.

Nominations Galore

The first step towards this grand celebration is the nominations. As we eagerly await the event, the nominations for the Zee Telugu Kutumbam Awards 2023 have already been unveiled. This marks the beginning of an exciting journey for both the nominees and the viewers. Check out the nominations below.

Madhyanam Mahanayakudu

  • Ganapati (Maa Vaaru Maastaru)
  • Srikar (Mukkupudaka)
  • Adi (Gundamma Katha)
  • Rudra (Rajeshwari Vilas Coffee Club)
  • Radha Govind (Subhasya Seeghram)
  • Karthik Krishna (Radhaku Neevera Pranam)
  • Samrat (Devathalara Deevinchandi)
  • Abhiram (Oohalu Gusagusalade)

Madhyanam Mahanayaki

  • Vasu (Oohalu Gusa Gusa Lade)
  • Vidya (Maa Vaaru Mastaru)
  • Avani (Mukkupudaka)
  • Eshwari (Rajeshwari Vilas Coffee Club)
  • Krishna (Subhasya Seeghram)
  • Radhika (Radhaku Neevera Pranam)
  • Srivalli (Devathalara Deevinchandi)
  • Gundamma (Gundamma Katha)

Best Chemistry

  • Lakshmi-Mithra (Chiranjeevi Lakshmi Sowbhagyawathi)
  • Akshara-Aravind (Radhamma Kuthuru)
  • Roopa-Raju (Ammayigaru)
  • Aadhya-Sreenu (Padamati Sandhya Ragam)
  • Ramalakshmi Shourya (Padamati Sandhya Ragam)

Madhyanam Maha Serial

  • Oohalu Gusagusalade
  • Maa Vaaru Maastaru
  • Mukkupudaka
  • Rajeshwari Vilas Coffee Club
  • Subhasya Seeghram
  • Radhaku Neevera Pranam
  • Devathalara Deevinchandi
  • Gundamma Katha

Popular Face of Prime Time Male

  • Vishal (Trinayani)
  • Arya Vardhan (Prema Entha Madhuram)
  • Aravind (Radhamma Kuthuru)
  • Mitra (Chiranjeevi Lakshmi Sowbhagyawathi)
  • Amarendra (Nindu Noorella Savasam)
  • Kedar (Jagadhatri)
  • Raju (Ammayigaru)
  • Sreenu (Padamati Sandhya Ragam)
  • Kalyan (Suryakantham)

Popular Face of Prime Time Female

  • Nayani (Trinayani)
  • Anu (Prema Entha Madhuram)
  • Akshara (Radhamma Kuthuru)
  • Lakshmi (Chiranjeevi Lakshmi Sowbhagyawathi)
  • Bhagamati (Nindu Noorella Savasam)
  • Arundhati (Nindu Noorella Savasam)
  • Jagadhatri (Jagadhatri)
  • Roopa (Ammayigaru)
  • Aadhya (Padamati Sandhya Ragam)
  • Ramalakshmi (Padamati Sandhya Ragam)

Uthama Serial

  • Prema Entha Madhuram
  • Padamati Sandhya Ragam
  • Nindu Noorella Saavasam
  • Jagadhatri
  • Trinayani
  • Ammayigaru
  • Suryakantham
  • Radhamma Kuthuru
  • Chiranjeevi Lakshmi Sowbhagyawathi


  • Mitra (Chiranjeevi Lakshmi Sowbhagyawathi)
  • Ganapati (Maa Vaaru Maastaru)
  • Amarendra (Nindu Noorella Savasam)
  • Kedar (Jagadhatri)
  • Kalyan (Suryakantham)


  • Vidya (Maa Vaaru Maastaru)
  • Pooja (Suryakantham)
  • Teja (Suryakantham)
  • Krishna (Subhasya Seeghram)

Romantic Couple

  • Anu-Arya (Prema Entha Madhuram)
  • Nayani-Vishal (Trinayani)
  • Roopa-Raju (Ammayigaru)
  • Rudra-Eshwari (Rajeshwari Vilas Coffee Club)
  • Vidya-Ganapati (Maa Vaaru Maastaru)
  • Srivalli-Samrat (Devathalara Deevinchandi)

Mark Your Calendars

The most crucial question on everyone’s mind: When will the Zee Telugu Kutumbam Awards 2023 be telecast? The Zee Telugu Kutumbam Awards 2023 will be telecast on 29th October 2023 at 6.00 PM on Zee Telugu Channel.

Tune In to Zee Telugu

The channel that brings you the best of Telugu entertainment will also be the home of the Zee Telugu Kutumbam Awards 2023. Keep an eye on Zee Telugu for updates and don’t miss the chance to witness the glitz and glamour.

Watch It Anywhere

In this fast-paced world, we understand that not everyone can be in front of their television sets at the right time. Fortunately, Zee5, the popular streaming platform, will ensure you can catch all the action online. Whether it’s the red carpet moments or the award presentations, you can enjoy it all at your convenience.

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The Zee Telugu Kutumbam Awards 2023 promises to be an unforgettable night filled with entertainment, emotions, and celebrations. As we anticipate the grand event, don’t forget to cast your votes and join us in honoring the exceptional talents that have made Telugu television truly special.

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